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The key California homeless statistic.

Unlike in other states, homeless people in California are overwhelmingly unsheltered at night. About 90,000 people, or 70 percent of those who are homeless in the state, sleep in tents or makeshift shacks they erect on sidewalks and under highway overpasses; by comparison, 5 percent of the 92,000 people in New York State are unsheltered.

Don’t remember how I got this article into my reading queue, but I’m glad I did.

The Refragmentation

This week I decided to finally begin transitioning away from gmail as my main email. Giving fastmail a shot.

Weezer at The Masonic last night


Wow this basketball game.

Safer streets 👌🏻

San Francisco to consider new bus yard with housing - Curbed SF

An amazing, detailed look behind the graphic art of The Incredibles 2


This mornings episode of The Daily included a conversation between a evangelical father and daughter about Trump and the Republic Party. It’s worth a listen.


Blue Angels from the rooftop

The gong show is good, old fashioned television.

So good: www.youtube.com/watch

RIP Instagram



Siri Shortcuts helping me be a good brother.

On Valencia

Went on a trip to Paris recently, and spent a day at Disneyland 😍

Uzbekistan’s secret underground is beautiful.

But have you seen BART…? 😐

Mailbox was discontinued in 2016, and I still haven’t found a 3rd party iOS app that comes anywhere close.


Fell asleep on the bus, and dreamt I was eating a burrito. Woke up chewing the air.

Fell back asleep, immediately dreamt I was eating the french fries that came with the burrito.

On the menu tonight: homemade michelada and Bachelor in Paradise 👌🏻

To partake of public life in San Francisco today is to be funnelled toward a particular kind of living.

Private Dreams and Public Ideals in San Francisco The New Yorker

This profile on Goop is such a fun read. I have no idea what I think of the company, or of GP.

How Goop’s Haters Made Gwyneth Paltrow’s Company Worth $250 Million - The New York Times

Heartwarming — Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market sold to fish-throwing employees