Tyler Gentles

Don’t remember how I got this article into my reading queue, but I’m glad I did.

The Refragmentation

This week I decided to finally begin transitioning away from gmail as my main email. Giving fastmail a shot.

Weezer at The Masonic last night


Wow this basketball game.

Safer streets 👌🏻

San Francisco to consider new bus yard with housing - Curbed SF

An amazing, detailed look behind the graphic art of The Incredibles 2


This mornings episode of The Daily included a conversation between a evangelical father and daughter about Trump and the Republic Party. It’s worth a listen.


Blue Angels from the rooftop

The gong show is good, old fashioned television.

So good: www.youtube.com/watch

RIP Instagram



Siri Shortcuts helping me be a good brother.

On Valencia

Went on a trip to Paris recently, and spent a day at Disneyland 😍

Uzbekistan’s secret underground is beautiful.

But have you seen BART…? 😐

Mailbox was discontinued in 2016, and I still haven’t found a 3rd party iOS app that comes anywhere close.


Fell asleep on the bus, and dreamt I was eating a burrito. Woke up chewing the air.

Fell back asleep, immediately dreamt I was eating the french fries that came with the burrito.

On the menu tonight: homemade michelada and Bachelor in Paradise 👌🏻

To partake of public life in San Francisco today is to be funnelled toward a particular kind of living.

Private Dreams and Public Ideals in San Francisco The New Yorker

This profile on Goop is such a fun read. I have no idea what I think of the company, or of GP.

How Goop’s Haters Made Gwyneth Paltrow’s Company Worth $250 Million - The New York Times

Heartwarming — Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market sold to fish-throwing employees

A new tiki bar, Last Rites, opened up one block away from our apartment.