Tyler Gentles

2019-12-07: The key California homeless statistic. Unlike in other states, homeless people in California are …

2019-09-01: Don’t remember how I got this article into my reading queue, but I’m glad I did. The Refragmentation

2019-08-31: This week I decided to finally begin transitioning away from gmail as my main email. Giving fastmail …

2019-01-26: Weezer at The Masonic last night

2019-01-03: Wow this basketball game.

2018-12-05: Safer streets 👌🏻 San Francisco to consider new bus yard with housing - Curbed SF

2018-11-10: An amazing, detailed look behind the graphic art of The Incredibles 2 …

2018-11-05: This mornings episode of The Daily included a conversation between a evangelical father and daughter …

2018-10-07: Blue Angels from the rooftop

2018-09-27: The gong show is good, old fashioned television.

2018-09-26: So good: www.youtube.com/watch

2018-09-24: RIP Instagram www.nytimes.com/2018/09/2…

2018-09-15: SFO✈️AUS

2018-09-02: Siri Shortcuts helping me be a good brother.

2018-09-02: On Valencia

2018-08-30: Went on a trip to Paris recently, and spent a day at Disneyland 😍

2018-08-29: Uzbekistan’s secret underground is beautiful. But have you seen BART…? 😐

2018-08-25: Mailbox was discontinued in 2016, and I still haven’t found a 3rd party iOS app that comes anywhere …

2018-08-16: SFO ✈️ LHR

2018-08-15: Fell asleep on the bus, and dreamt I was eating a burrito. Woke up chewing the air. Fell back …

2018-08-14: On the menu tonight: homemade michelada and Bachelor in Paradise 👌🏻

2018-08-10: To partake of public life in San Francisco today is to be funnelled toward a particular kind of …

2018-07-31: This profile on Goop is such a fun read. I have no idea what I think of the company, or of GP. How …

2018-07-21: Heartwarming — Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market sold to fish-throwing employees


2018-06-24: A new tiki bar, Last Rites, opened up one block away from our apartment.


2018-05-23: Yeah, I’ll keep an echo out of my home. Amazon Teams Up With Law Enforcement to Deploy Dangerous New …

2018-04-22: The way my mom used to dress me for kindergarten is now on full display at Urban Outfitters.

2018-04-19: Tiki bars in Palm Springs 🐡

2018-03-24: After all these years, my head still explodes with awesome every time I listen to Only in Dreams 🤯

2018-03-10: Emily Oberman gives Rotten Tomatoes its first rebrand in 17 years I’m a fan.

2018-03-10: My local whole foods has almost completely transformed to an instacart/prime now fulfillment center.

2018-03-04: A fun, rainy day in wine country

2018-02-21: The moment when your phone starts dropping frames because the battery is low😱😱😱

2018-02-18: CPA vs TurboTax 🧐

2018-02-14: I’m excited to try this out. GitFinder - git client with Finder integration

2018-02-13: “I love that” – every other statement that comes out of the bachelor’s mouth.

2018-01-18: Just found out this past week that I absolutely love micheladas.

2017-12-03: A bizarre album, but one of my favorites from 2017. Alex Cameron – Forced Witness

2017-11-27: Got to play around with portrait mode quite a bit this thanksgiving.

2017-11-19: Alcatraz. Taken from Fort Mason, during West Coast Craft.

2017-11-18: Went on a photo walk today at the Apple store.

2017-11-12: Yummy

2017-11-11: Squares

2017-11-08: Morning coffee

2017-11-07: Probably the worst thing I could do to my body after a run is sit on a bus for 2 hours – but here I …

2017-10-24: The new Kindle app redesign looks good, but the stand alone Goodreads app sure does need some love 😫

2017-10-17: Unlocking all of The Vietnam War for streaming is a great excuse to donate to your local public …

2017-10-15: The frustration with twitter’s lack of action on abuse is understandable, but I would worry about …

2017-10-04: Interesting article on software development, and the layers of abstraction that separates …

2017-05-14: Watching an episode of The Sopranos, and “New Slang” by The Shins comes on. The song is …